“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” George Bernard Shaw


Our competitors would probably call this section Solutions rather than Technologies, however we know that until they are applied to your needs the tools presented below are nothing more than that. We know that a professional and expensive wrench will not help you nail things down.

At MARS 1982 we truly believe that your company can develop much further through innovation.

There are countless solutions for any problem you may face, we are ready to listen to your specific issues and empower you with the right tool for the job.




Your website is your virtual business card, in most cases it’s your first contact with a potential client. The art of crafting websites has evolved dramatically in the past 25 years, many specialised systems are now available, therefore choosing the right tools for your business has become critical.

A website is made of content, design and functionalities, however instead of analysing what message will sell better, what the latest style, plugins and add-ons are, we help you choose the message, appearance and feeling that define you best. We assist you in choosing the most appropriate technology to convey your message to the public.

Web Marketing

Marketing performs better on the web, whether you are thinking of paying for ads on search engines or mobile games, whether you want to send emails to up to a million potential clients or enhance your presence on social media platforms, think about how you can use all these powerful tools for your own benefit. We can help you spread your message across the platform where your target clients spend their time, where they can see you and understand the relevance of your product.

Alternatively, you could, at your own peril, choose to go down the trial-and-error route.


Technology definitely thrives in the entertainment industry. We work with cutting-edge devices and innovative agencies from around the world and aim to improve your brand through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Gaming and Interactive Solutions to attract and engage people with your company. To stand out in an event you need to up your game and be ready to compete against loud and in-your-face marketing, so that your message is not obscured by the competition.
We have amazing tools that will help you stay ahead of the competition and whether you believe it or not, they are more accessible than you can imagine.


Augmented Reality

Enhance real life through smart lenses that let you see and understand the world better.
Or just catch virtual monsters in your garden.

Virtual Reality

Full immersion in virtual worlds: three-dimensional, interactive, emotional or simply fun.
An incredible experience is unforgettable.

Web Applications

The power of APIs and user experience to deliver useful and friendly services to your clients, or simply to share news through your website.

Mobile Applications

Your message, your brand, your services readily accessible by your customer.
Available 24/7, all year round.


Whether on mobile, consoles or on your computer, gaming is the most searched software in the world.
It is you entertaining your potential customers, your message wrapped in fun.

Small Devices and IoT

Send offers to a passer-by with Bluetooth beacons, connect your customer’s fridge to your warehouse or simply say “Hi!” anywhere in the world.
This is the Internet of Things.

Workflow and Processes

Data Analysis and Reports

From small companies to big corporations, bad business decisions are usually based on false assumptions and on the perception executives have of the strengths and weaknesses of their business as a whole. Modern companies require access to a great variety of data and they use custom-made analysis in order to find opportunities and to ensure that poor decisions are avoided or corrected.

Understanding how your business is performing will enable you to make the right choices and steer your company towards success. A high amount of data does not necessarily equal quality of information; we can provide guidance on the type of information that you should gather, what data relationships are relevant and what is the best tool that meets your needs.

Client Relationship Management

There are an infinite number of solutions that help keep track of customers and conversations, and analyse the results of a sales team. If you are not focusing on the needs of your sales and marketing department you are probably missing out on 30% of potential clients.

The power to integrate with existing systems and evaluate marketing messages is an important part of modern CRMs, but choosing the solution that is most suitable for you is not as difficult as it might seem, thankfully we are here to help.

Teamwork and Communication

Working as a team is important, sometimes even paramount. Underestimating the working environment and poor access to communication could lead to disasters, such as employees who don’t share their knowledge, creating bottlenecks in workflows and procedures, slowing down and frustrating employees to a point where their productivity and mood could impact your entire business.

Until Artificial Intelligence will be able to drive all tasks in your company you will need to cherish and empower your employees, they are at the core of your activities and the means to deliver quality products and keep deadlines on track.

There are hundreds of products out there, so why don’t you spare a moment to talk to us about what technological solutions might suit your company best?