How to photograph artwork

Alastair Bird runs through his process of copying artwork, discusses copyright issues (but does not give legal advice). From camera position to lighting, exposure and getting a correct frame, he runs through the steps required to get the cleanest reproduction possible. Purely technical and pretty straightforward, we hope that this how-to video is helpful.


How to photograph your art can be difficult. How many times have you taken a photograph of your finished painting only to find that the photograph doesn’t do it justice? Very often when we take a photo with our smartphones there is a colourcast or it can be very dark. In this short video I will show you how to create a photograph of your artwork that you can be proud to show off. All you will need is a simple free app called Snapseed. Snapseed is a simple photo editing app and I will explain step by step using my photo editing hacks how you can brighten your photograph. You will see from the before and after shots in the thumbnail that with a few simple tweaks, your art will be presented at its best. Please note that in this video I demonstrate on an iPhone but you can also use this app on your Android device.


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