Mars 1982 Ltd. Making Blockchain Digitally Accessible By Empowering the Digital Market and Applications


ars 1982 Ltd. has focused on its inception across the digital market as an entity that is forming agreements with companies to influence partnerships that would not only bring digital assets closer to people but would also provide the digital market with an opportunity to build a cognitive ecosystem that would be empowered with blockchain, NFTs, and other existing digital entities. 

The platform has enforced an NFT community based on a cryptocurrency, the Mars1982 coin (MARTEX). It shows itself as the perfect option for entering the world of digital art and revolutionizing the existing digital market for artists, entrepreneurs, gamers, influencers, and prospective investors. The platform will be attenuating its idea of the digital revolution with an NFT marketplace that would include all the gaming assets supported and created across the ecosystem. Mars 1982 displays all its games and entertainment sources across their official game studio, Bitbuu Games , which also influences several other exclusive features, including game development, monetization, application development, and social management of the entertainment entity. 

Multiple services can be accessed through Mars 1982 Ltd. Being a project influenced by the digital revolution and the supremacy of blockchain; it is marginalizing a platform that offers services to its users across the blockchain in terms of the development of multiple assets. Mars 1982 Ltd. has introduced its official NFT Marketplace for users to benefit from the digital creation and innovation developed and supported by the platform. The MARTEX coin created under the objective of digitizing the project will work in alignment with the NFT marketplace, which would not only provide multiple benefits to its users but will also contain different gaming license assets. These gaming licenses include some renowned projects of the platform, such as Hello Kitty, Baseball5, Sanrio, Tokidoki, and Tash n Trash. 

Alongside the NFT Marketplace, Mars 1982 Ltd. has put up an impressive investment opportunity within its IDO for users in the digital space to benefit heavily from the project’s development. People who would put up their investments in the early participation of the project would receive a 30% bonus under a fund that would be raised as a progressive financial opportunity. Getting MARTEX throughout this process would be quite profitable for users who believe in the growth of the digital ecosystem and the community associated with it. Along with becoming part of the pre-sales of the gaming license assets discussed above, they will directly benefit from the growth of the token that can be sold off in profit across the exchanges. Following this, these users would be introduced to invitations across exclusive events in various renowned cities worldwide. As these events start from Rome, they shall be covered across many more, including Milan, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, and London. These cities are based on choices of representing the rich culture of the civilizations that resides across these different localities. These announcements amidst the development of the project mean a lot for the digital community, where the users can significantly benefit from what would actually lead the digital space in the coming future. While combing different partnerships and aiding different projects in the ecosystem, the project aims to interact with the real world with the help of many events. Mars 1982 Ltd. is currently holding an event Exhibited on the facade of the Palace of Spain on the plaza of Spain, with the aim of presenting the NFTs developed by Roberto Lucifero, who commemorated the IV Century of the Palace of Spain by drawing three unique NFTs in front of the Palace of Spain. Such events mean progress and growth across the digital community with the acknowledgment of the important people across the world. Mars 1982 Ltd. will continue its journey following its pre-announced Martex IDO and will bring up many inclusive updates for the digital community in the coming days.

About Mars 1982 Ltd. 

Mars 1982 Ltd. is a digital platform building up blockchain games that users can efficiently play with the right proportion of entertainment and gains through it. The platform is designing an ecosystem built across partnerships to help progressive ideas reach the user market. It also represents itself as a marketing company that is helping brands and technologies set up a strong foot across the digital community. Following this, Mars 1982 Ltd. is represented by its own cryptocurrency, MARTEX, which brings exclusive functionality and profitability for users across the ecosystem. To bind the community together across the digital ecosystem, Mars 1982 has produced the MARTEX VERSE, a digital community that is bringing digital innovation on a better level.

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