About Us

February the 9th, 1982.
In an alternative universe, where human inquisitiveness and the thirst for exploration drive progress, a man sets foot on Mars for the first time. A few minutes later, the news break on Earth, everyone is ecstatic about the last human accomplishment.

In our universe progress travels on different, more complicated tracks.
The conflicting objectives between governments and brilliant technological minds resulted in broken promises.. A shiny sci-fi future, larger-than-life machines, faster-than-light travel and lighter-than-air flying devices, all these dreams didn’t come true.

The broken promises, technological bubbles and uncertainty about progress created scepticism about the “next big thing”: paperless offices could already be the norm, whereas they are still the exception; flying cars and nanotechnology, to name just a few.

Both members of the scientific community and the most junior programmers deem the approach followed by the average company as preposterous and obsolete. However, their calls for change are not taken into consideration even when it is evident that there is a direct link between technology advancements and welfare of a country.

The fault of disastrous or ineffective results lies on the marketers and not on the technologies themselves.

We are MARS 1982, a network of expert technologists, programmers, designers and visionaries. We strongly believe that technology and progress improve the life of individual and families, and in turn the economy and welfare of a company and of a country as a whole. We don’t deliver broken promises, we deliver progress.

We don’t try to sell you technology for technology’s sake, we focus our efforts on understanding your needs. The correct solution might already be available, but it just needs adapting to suit your specific requirements. Instead of looking for a particular device or solution, turn your attention to your customers and your teams, outline your goals. We will show you different options and potential scenarios, we will share our knowledge and help you set up the required technology and take advantage of technology, for your own sake.

Whether you need to improve your workflow and processes, understand and untangle your business data, have your team work together and share knowledge, or whether you need access to information, increase productivity or reach new customers, solutions are a few clicks away and you can reach an expert nearly at the speed of light.

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