Why Buy Martex Crypto?

Mar1982 Coin (MARTEX) is a cryptocurrency that has been designed to provide a seamless experience for people who are interested in using digital currency. If you’re considering investing in Martex, there are many reasons why it may be a good choice for you. In this blog post, we’ll explore why you should buy Martex Crypto and how to get revenue …

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Roberto Lucifero NFT collection

Roberto Lucifero’s Unique NFT Collection Commemorates 400th Anniversary of Spanish Embassy to the Holy See by Mars 1982 Ltd

Rome, Italy – In celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See, Roberto Lucifero has created a unique collection of NFTs that encapsulate the rich history and cultural significance of the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See. The collection tells the story of the flow of ideas and continuous integration over time, a relationship that is perhaps …

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  • Art
  • 3 April 2023
non-invasive advertising

Promote your brand by non-invasive advertising through famous video games

Promote your brand by non-invasive advertising through famous video games Hey Friend, Yes, I said friend because you are my friend, and a brand, so let’s talk about what is essential. Promote your brand being not invasive and making people happy is not so easy, right? You try earning trust through “REAL” influencers spreading your brand awareness with impressive campaigns …

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Mars 1982 Ltd. Making Blockchain Digitally Accessible By Empowering the Digital Market and Applications

M ars 1982 Ltd. has focused on its inception across the digital market as an entity that is forming agreements with companies to influence partnerships that would not only bring digital assets closer to people but would also provide the digital market with an opportunity to build a cognitive ecosystem that would be empowered with blockchain, NFTs, and other existing …

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How to photograph artwork

Alastair Bird runs through his process of copying artwork, discusses copyright issues (but does not give legal advice). From camera position to lighting, exposure and getting a correct frame, he runs through the steps required to get the cleanest reproduction possible. Purely technical and pretty straightforward, we hope that this how-to video is helpful. HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH YOUR ART …

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Globematcher feat Hello Kitty x Tokidoki

Sanrio, and tokidoki announces the launch of its new video games

Sanrio and Tokidoki Partner with Bitbuu Games to Produce Entertaining Digital Games To Reach Out To Its Fans In A New Dimension. London, January 20, 2019 Sanrio, a lifestyle brand that is best known for pop icon Hello Kitty, and tokidoki, the global pop-culture brand known for its larger-than-life characters, are announcing the release of their new digital game in …

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